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Save Phace EFP Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet - Variable Shade 9-13 - Gen Y RAZOR


Product Description

Yet another revolutionary 1st from Save Phace! The Gen Y Series offers all of the great features as the Gen X Series, BUT, it’s the 1st and ONLY Welding Helmet in the world that offers you an ADF (Auto Darkening Filter- shades 4/9-13 with Grind Mode) integrated into a 180° Lens design!    No other helmet in the world offers you any or ALL of these GREAT  features!   

NO other welding helmet in the world offers you:   

  • 180° perfect peripheral vision, face forming profile that allows you to get into tighter spaces,
  • the world’s 1st and only ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) integrated into a 180° welding lens so you get the best of both world’s. And doesn’t it make sense????? Think about it,,,aren’t we created to see more horizontally than vertically???? So how much taller do you need an ADF to be?
  • And come on, lets be honest, our graphics are just  plain sick…

If you want to use it as a grinding mask or splash guard, simply replace the other lens with a Clear lens (not included) and off   you go. We use ours for cutting ceramic tile, scraping the stucco off the   ceiling, power washing, sand blasting, trimming trees, snow ball fights, shoveling snow, snow blowing, ripping wood, grinding fiberglass off the floor of a boat and a ton of other uses. Trust us, you are gonna love it!

Oh yea, it’s ANSI and CE approved!

Because of the design, you'll feel the difference, too.  Heat doesn't get trapped inside the helmet leaving you six degrees cooler than the standard regular welding helmet.


"The EFP started out a little disappointing when I noticed that the lens wasn't a complete welding lens but more like an insert. Then I welded with it! AWESOME! Not only is it comfortable and fast when you start an arc, but the helmet really is cooler (looks too) to wear. I seriously notice a huge difference in the amount of heat that is dissipated under the face area. This thing rocks! I have not had much chance to get out   to sell some, but I will shortly I hope. Thanks again, Mike"

  • 180° ADF Holder Lens (Shade #13)
  • ADF shades 4/9-13 with Grind and sensitivity  Adjustments
  • HIGH quality ADF Fixed Shade 3/10
  • 9 Point High Quality Adjustable Halo Headgear w/replaceable sweat absorbent Headband
  • Awesome Helmet Bag
  • Lens Anchor Set
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Killer Graphics
  • Made from HIGH Impact Heat Resistant Nylon
  • ANSI and CE Approved!

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